July 26

The Crude Truth Ep. 7 – We talk with Stu Turley, CEO of the Sandstone Group about energy and investing in a market that is facing a recession.


Today we get the Crude Truth on the energy markets from Stu Turley, a fellow podcaster and energy market subject matter expert. We cover the Biden Administration’s energy policies, geopolitical influences, and what investors can look for in this investing cycle in Alternative Investments.

We cover everything from the long-term forecasts of oil prices made in 2021 and where we are going through 2022. The pricing models are holding and we should see pricing through the remainder of 2022 between the $100 to $135 area. There will be fluctuations, but the data points to this as the main price cradle.

Stu and I also talked about what investors are asking his market research team. The vast majority of people asking questions want to know how to hedge against inflation with passive income, tax deductions, and an upside.

One key topic also covered is the troubles the U.S. E&P operators are having with the supply chain problems. Owning a drilling company is tough enough let alone when prices are sometimes doubling before we can get the rig on site.

Stu has a great research team and his information can be found on his LinkedIn profile, or on the EnergyNewsBeat.com news website. Thank you Stu for stopping by The Crude Truth.


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