November 30

Northeast Natural Energy received “industry-first” ESG grade for Marcellus shale natural gas production


(WO) – Northeast Natural Energy, a West Virginia-based Marcellus shale natural gas producer, has just become the first producer globally to receive an “A” letter grade from Equitable Origin (EO) for the ESG performance of its West Virginia assets. This was the result of a voluntary reverification audit conducted by Responsible Energy Solutions LLC in 2023.

A pioneer in differentiated natural gas production, NNE became the first producer in the United States to certify an asset to EO’s independent voluntary standard for high-ESG performance at the site level in 2021.

Equitable Origin-approved expert third-party assessor Responsible Energy Solutions LLC independently evaluated NNE’s operations against the principles of the EO100 Standard, including corporate governance and ethics; social impacts, human rights, and community engagement; occupational health and safety and fair labor standards; and environmental performance.

Annually, the assessors undertake reverification audits to assess conformance to the standard and progress by NNE on a Continual Improvement Plan that is a requirement for ESG certification. These findings are subject to a rigorous external peer review.

“Having completed our third annual assessment for Northeast Natural Energy, our team has seen continuous improvement that reflects a culture of excellence at NNE,” said Roy Hartstein, founder and president, Responsible Energy Solutions LLC. “Through the review of thousands of pages of documents and dozens of interviews with NNE staff, contractors, and external stakeholders, we have found that culture reflected in action and results from the field through the senior leadership.”

Northeast Natural Energy, LLC is a privately owned energy company headquartered in Charleston, W.Va. that focuses on the development of dry, pipeline quality natural gas in the Appalachian basin. The company operates 40,000 contiguous acres in north central West Virginia, developing and producing reserves from the Marcellus shale.


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