December 28

Chinese tech giant rebounds from US sanctions


Huawei’s chipset subsidiary HiSilicon has become world’s fifth largest chipmaker, with a 3% share of the global chipset market, according to the latest analysis published by technology market-research firm Counterpoint.

The research, based on third-quarter results, shows the ranking led by Qualcomm products, which account for about 40% of the entire chipset market. The US multinational is followed by Apple, whose market share amounts to 31%.

Meanwhile, Taiwanese fabless semiconductor company MediaTek was ranked third, with a 15% market share. Counterpoint’s findings calculate that the three chipset majors together control up to 86% of the entire mobile processor market.

One of the largest global smartphone manufacturers, Samsung, was ranked fourth on the list, with a 7% market share.

Following Huawei in fifth place, China’s UNISOC ranks sixth and has a market share of 2%, while seventh-placing Google controls 1% of the global market with its Tensor processors.

The world’s largest manufacturer of telecommunications equipment, Huawei has found itself among the Chinese corporate majors that have been hit by a sweeping US technology ban.

In 2019, Washington banned US firms from selling software and equipment to Huawei and restricted international chipmakers using US-made technology from partnering with the Chinese firm. The White House attributed the tech ban to national-security concerns, including a potential for cyberattacks from or spying by Beijing.

Before 2020, Huawei was a global leader in the smartphone industry, behind only Samsung and Apple. However, it relied heavily on technology and components made in the US or produced by companies under American patents.

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